About Company

TIWELL ASSISTANT LLP is an English company that designing and producing portable electronics since 2003.

Modern technologies and materials are used in the design process. All goods are made of high-quality components on Chinese and predominantly Hong Kong enterprises and are subjected to strict quality control. Such a method allows lessening goods prime cost and raising its quality that naturally causes the rise of a competitive capacity of products.


TIWELL ASSISTANT LLP is continuously widening the spectrum of high reliability goods, with modern appearance and affordable prices. These products are not only modern and useful, they are just pleasant to use. 

Starting with the production of calculators and clocks, today Assistant brand is represented in the following product categories:


• Tablet computers

• Smart phones

• E-book readers 

• Mp3 and mp4 players

• Digital weather station
Multifunctional digital clocks
• Network clocks

• Digital photo frames
Electronic dictionaries and translators


Main and defining feature of the company is the continuous improvement of quality. During the development phase and prepare for mass production, each new product goes through a full cycle of customization. According to international standards, all devices undergo rigorous inspections and tests. After product release company does not cease to improve it.


Your success - our concern” – the motto of the brand means, that company strives to provide quality products and services that will be undisputable benefits for our business partners and customers all over the world.

Daily implementing new projects and ideas, specialists of Tiwell Assistant tend to allow users get the most comfort and privileges from Assistant products.


Welcome to the world of Assistant.