Technical characteristics:
  • colourVFDhigh quality display
  • indoor/outdoor temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • indoor/outdoor humidity
  • 3-channelwirelessradio-sensor and wired sensor for outdoor temperature and humidity
  • RF transmission: up to 100 meters in the open area
  • base can receive data from up to 3 remote sensors
  • symbol weather forecast
  • max/mintemperature/humiditymemory
  • clock
  • alarm clock
  • snoozefunction
  • altitude compensation
  • color bar graphsof temperature and humidity
  • display brightness control

Physical characteristics:

  • Size:172*51*48 mm
  • Power:3 batteries or 6V /DC adapter; remote sensor: 2

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User manual

Attention! Technical feature and the packaging arrangement of the model can be changed by the producer without a preliminary notice. Recommended to specify the information before the buying.

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