A design in a hi-tech style, an option of carrying out operations with extra charges and discounts, a function of deleting the last entered symbol, –here are only a few pluses of this model. In addition, You may adjust brightness of a display in such a way as You want.

Technical characteristics: 

  • 12 digit display
  • Big display
  • Double power
  • Percent calculations
  • Plastic buttons
  • Superior key touch
  • Durable metal face panel        
  • Mark up function
  • Grand Total function
  • Last symbol delete
  • Tilt display

Phisical characteristics:

Size: 168x103x31 mm   

More photos: 


User manual (4 languages) 

Attention! Technical feature and the packaging arrangement of the model can be changed by the producer without a preliminary notice. Recommended to specify the information before the buying.

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