AT-2094 new

2-lingual dictionary with voiceover and advanced word search

A new and advanced model of a dictionary AT-2094 contains more specialized dictionaries and thematic phrasebooks, is equipped with convenient word and phrase search, and also an option of cross search in built-in dictionaries!
An electronic dictionary AT-2094 – is the best assistant in learning English. The model will be appropriate both for beginners and for advanced students. Except a great base, the dictionary contains many additional educative functions.
Functions of transcription and voiceover of words and phrases in English will help You to make Your pronunciation perfect; the list of irregular verbs will become an excellent hint and an effective method of learning exceptions at the same time, and 18 tests for English knowledge will help You to define Your level in each period of studying.


Russian, English

The pocket dictionary contains following books of dictionaries:
  • English-Russian / Russian-English Oxford Dictionary (400 thousand words and phrases);
  • New American Oxford Dictionary (250 thousand words and phrases);
  • English-Russian Dictionary of Economics and Finance A. Anikin (75 thousand words and phrases);
  • Anglo-Russian Law Dictionary SN Andrianov (50 thousand words and phrases);
  • English-Russian Dictionary of Medicine A. Bolotin, E. Yakusheva (28 thousand words and phrases);
  • Russian-English Dictionary of Medicine, MS Benyumovich, VL Rifkin (70 thousand words and phrases);
  • Russian-English dictionary of modern abbreviations VA Lutskevich, AA Ivanova, NM Potashnikova, IA Samoilov (7 tys.slov and phrases);
  • Cometdictionary;
  • Dictionary of British and American differences Collins;
  • English-Russian / Russian-Englishphrasebook for 10 600phrases;
  • Dictionary of the English Language - THE AMERICAN HERITAGE ®;
  • English-Russian / Russian-EnglishOxford Dictionary (400 thousand words);

Additional features:
  • texts,dialogues, games for language learning
  • test of English language
  • calculator
  • world time
  • currency conversion
  • metric conversion
  • adjust the display brightness
  • MP3-player
  • game
  • MP3 and MP4
  • microSD support up to 8 GB

Physical characteristics:
  • Battery:2
  • Size:80x130x20 mm

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Attention!Technical feature and the packaging arrangement of the model can be changed by the producer without a preliminary notice. Recommended to specify the information before the buying.

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