3-lingual electronic dictionary with voiceover of translation

It’s difficult to surprise somebody with English knowledge now. Knowledge of English (at least at elementary level) is almost an obligatory condition for work and life. The language of international communication is always urgent. Also Chinese increases in its urgency more and more in the modern world. Probably, Chinese knowledge will become the main condition for employment in a few decades… Anyway many companies have already been collaborating actively with China today, and Europeans start learning difficult Chinese and travel to this Asian country.  


Russian, English, Chinese

The pocket dictionary contains following  books of dictionaries:
  • New Oxford American Dictionary (250 thousand words);
  • English-Russian / Russian-English Oxford Dictionary (400 thousand words);
  • Chinese-Russian and Russian-Chinese dictionary;
  • English-Chinese and Chinese-English Dictionary;
  • User Dictionary for 250 entries;
  • Dictionary of synonyms and antonyms

Additional features: 
  • transcription  
  • list of irregular verbs 
  • calendar
  • alarm clock
  • calculator
  • notebook
  • table of international size clothing and footwear
  • lighting
  • games
  • microSD support up to 8 GB

Physical characteristics:
  • Battery: 2хААА
  • Size: 130x80x20 mm

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