5-lingual electronic dictionary with a coloured display and a sensory panel

Five-lingual dictionary includes large sources of the most popular European languages: English, German, French and Spanish. The most authoritative Russian editions of listed languages plus five-lingual dictionary allow to get a meaning of a word in all languages for a few seconds and also to translate a word from any of represented languages.


Russian, English, German, French, Spanish

The pocket dictionary contains following books of dictionaries:
  • English-Russian dictionary VK Muller (520 thousand words);
  • Russian-English dictionary AI Smirnitsky (480 thousand words);
  • Anglo-Russian Law Dictionary SN Andrianov (50 thousand words);
  • English-Russian Dictionary of Medicine A. Bolotin, E. Yakusheva (28 thousand words);
  • Russian-English Dictionary of Medicine, MS Benyumovich, VL Rivkin (160 thousand words);
  • Russian-English dictionary of modernabbreviationsVA Lutskevich, AA Ivanova, NM Potashnikova, IA Samoilov (21 thousand 600 words);
  • English-Russian Dictionary of Economics and Finance A. Anikin (75 thousand words);
  • German-Russian, Russian-German dictionary EL Rymasheuski (160 thousand words);
  • French-Russian Dictionary OV Raevskaya (40 thousand words);
  • Russian-French dictionary OV Raevskaya (60 thousand words);
  • Spanish-Russian dictionary A. Sadikova and BP Narumova (170 thousand words);
  • Russian-Spanish dictionary GY Turover and J. Nogueira (112 thousand words);
  • New Oxford American Dictionary (250 thousand words);
  • English-Russian and Russian-EnglishOxford Dictionary (400 thousand words)

Additional features:
  • 4,3" LCD touch screen
  • calendar
  • voice recording for training
  • editing "Paint"
  • calculator
  • formulas in mathematics, physics, chemistry
  • notebook
  • table of international size clothing and footwear
  • TOEFL dictionary
  • test of English language
  • setting a password
  • game
  • support video formats: AVI, AKV, 3GP, MP4, CIF,
  • support audio formats: MP3, WMA, AAC, AMR, WAV, MIDI,
  • built-in Memory 200 MB
  • support SD-Card

Physical characteristics:
  • Battery:900 mAh
  • Size:135x87x23.5 mm

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