The colour weather station AH-1972

ТМ Assistant presents the colour weather station АН-1972. The stylish case of this weather forecast station will suit for every interior so for the office as for your home.

 It will be the perfect assistant for everybody. You are look over your health, the health of your staff, parent and children.

 Everybody will agree that it is very important to support optimal humidity in the room in order to feel you good. You are working hard during all the day. You are tired so much. Don’t you think why is it happened? The answer is simple:  the cause of the lassitude is the high or low humidity in the room. The optimal humidity in the rood should be 34-38%, the temperature should be 19-21. With the help of the weather forecast station you can follow the humidity and temperature in the room and make everything in order to keep these indications in limits. If you pay your attention on these indications and will keep them in these limits you will see that you will feel better. Additional functions of the weather forecast station will useful for your and your environment. The weather forecast station Ah-1972 has the following functions: clock, moon calendar, alarm, dew point and heat index.

 Look after your health and health of your environment with weather forecast stations of TM Assistant!