Super new weather station ASSISTANT AH-1976

TM ASSISTANT has seen to it that the clients went with the times and the caprices of the weather were not a surprise to them, and has widened the range of the weather stations with the super new mini weather station AH-1976, which is the top model among the weather stations with colour display.
Compact and slim model AH-1976 is in the elegant smooth case. In the production of the model the VFD (vacuum luminescent) display is used, which ensures the perfect quality of the image. This model realizes a number of functions: displays weather forecast, indoor and out door temperature and humidity, dew point, heat index, it also has a clock and an alarm. Due to the moon phase function (display of the current phase of the moon) mini weather station AH-1976 is easily distinguished from the analogues. The “base” of the weather station analyzes the atmosphere readings with the help of the additional outdoor units – radio sensors that work with the 433MHz frequency, that is why their transmission range can be up to 100m (in free area). Besides, radio sensors are at the same time combined thermo-hygrometers which can be used separately due to their own LCD displays. The weather station has memory, so the user can not only define the current temperature outdoors (or indoors) but also to find out the tendency of the weather change.
Everything in the AH-1976 is made for your comfort – the weather is displayed in the form of the colour animated pictograms, which is very comfortable and visual. This model combines the accuracy of the forecasts, stylish design and convenience in usage. Multifunctional mini weather station AH-1976 is an essential thing for home and office!