New electronic dictionaries of ASSISTANT with the colour touch-screen displays!

It is for the first time! New electronic dictionaries of ASSISTANT with the colour touch-screen displays! They are on sale!

The American company Tiwell ASSISTANT LLC demonstrates again it's leading position in the field of new developments, completing its model line with new original electronic dictionaries. New models areintended inthe first place for the people who learn foreign languages and they are irreplaceable during travelling!

Do you want to learn or improve the foreign language? Do you want to watch your favorite films? Do you want to listen to musicon the road? Do you want to watch photos or draw the picture? It is very easy! You can do it with new dictionaries D-2300 D-5500 of the ASSISTANT.

It is for the firs time our electronic dictionaries have the function of the video playback! Built-in functions of mp3, mp4 players are intended for English oral speech perception, for listening to your favorite music and watching of your favorite films. There is the plus of these new dictionaries; this is the support of the changeable SD card and presence of the USB port for connecting to a PC.

There's some special appeal in electronic dictionaries ASSISTANT D-2300 and D-5500, there is that voiced dictionaries are supplied with big colour touch displays which allow watching video, built-in illustrated and animated dictionaries, special learning programs and etc. All these additional functions help to increase the speed and quality of learning of foreign languages. Not the least of the feature is that you can listen to the translation which is pronounced by the real human voice which will help you to improve your pronunciation.

The electronic dictionaries ASSISTANT D-2300 and D-5500 are the irreplaceable thing for those who learn the foreign language. These models include the large quantity of the author's licensing dictionaries, there are the most popular printing publications and they have the largest vocabulary database. The weight of these dictionaries is 210g; it is so light and has the size of the palmtop.

ASSISTANTD-2300 and D-5500 include several courses for independent learning of the foreign language. Therewith the dictionaries are supplied with the base TOEFL for those who would like to check their learning curve and pass the International English exam.

Improve your knowledge of foreign languages!
You can watch one of animating dialogs which our new dictionaries ASSISTANT AD-2300 and AD-5500 have: